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Oravo Summer Survival Guide

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Ah, the sweet summertime-is there anything better? From the beautiful beaches to delicious BBQ'sm summer is truly the best time to seize the day. Everyone is out of school and its officially time for vacation. Whether you're going on a long trip or just getting away for the day, it's important to pack the things you need for all the activities ahead. Here are some helpful tips for what to bring and what to do.

1) Hiking/Camping Out

One of the most popular activities this summer is going hiking or camping. Although it can be a fun adventure, it can also be a nightmare if you aren't prepared. Most important tip we can give you is to wear the right shoes. We suggest anything water-resistant because not only is it comfortable for walking, but they dry quickly after walking through puddles or paying in the lake. We also recommend bringing a map of your camping area that you can get familiar with because these days, we rely so much on technology and our smart phones but many campsites don't have cell phone signal or even a place to charge your phone. You should also pack plenty of snacks and some pots for cooking over the fire and bug spray. Choosing the right insect repellent can make your trip that will fight off both mosquito and ticks and apply your sunscreen before you apply bug spray.

2) Amusement Park

Visiting the amusement parks is also a popular destination for families. Be prepared to do lots of walking in between the rides and also standing in line for popular attractions so wearing comfortable shoes will be the best idea yet. Apart from wearing comfortable shoes, you'll want to have the best sunscreen on hand. The most dangerous times for UV rays are between the hours of 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Those are also the most popular amusement park hours as well. In addition, a small back pack to carry all your belongings will be necessary. We also recommend keeping cash or credit cards in a Ziploc bag to keep them safe from water. 

3)Yacht Party

Renting out a boat out on a lake, nearby river, or ocean is another hit for summer activities. Like we stated before, sunscreen and sunglasses are incredibly important. Your boat should always have life vests available that will fit every family member. The same backpacks that you brought to the amusement park will also be great to use on the boat as well. You'll want to also bring plenty of snacks in Ziploc bags so splashing water won't get any of your food soggy. Wear light outfits like a bathing suit cover up or anything sheer because not only will you be fashionable but it's perfect for the warm days.

We're sure there are plenty of more fun summer activities. Share yours with us!

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