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Festival Ready Jewelry Picks

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Festival season is quickly approaching which means many people are shopping for their perfect outfits. While the outfits are solely the main reason people love the aesthetic vibe of Coachella, it is definitely the accessories that make that outfit. The accessories can range from temporary tattoos and bohemian style jewerly. There are many variations of statement necklaces and fringe. Here are out favorite looks that we hope we get to see this year.  



fringe + a coined chain belt / a chunky voodoo skull neck chain / clear quartz + tassels + tie die / heart shaped shades + a rock n’ roll tee + embroidered skirt

These festival looks are here to last. Having scrolled through our favorite outfits from celebrity to street sztyle, here is our exclusive picks from our Oravo collection to mix-n-match and rock your outfit for the music-loving, free spirit, and chic gal in you:

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