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Pretty in Peridot

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It's our favorite time of the month. Peridot is a must-have gemstone collection whether you were born in August or not. Peridot is considered a timeless gem which has been celebrated since the early Egyptian's got their hands on it. Til this day, the pretty stone remains as the country's national gem. Cleopatra cherished this exquisite gem in her own personal collection and had mistaken the rich vibrant color to be Emerald instead of Peridot. Unlike all the other gemstones, Peridot's naturally contain all their radiance and sparkle.

Peridot is the only gemstone found within the olive family which explains it's bright golden-tone green we see in the color. The yellow gold bands that we have really help to bring out those attributes in the gems and really makes them pop!

Some of my personal favorite pieces from the Oravo Collection are the bracelet sets in silver. We love the brightness contrast it brings to the jewelry. I think the different shapes in the bracelet especially the two-stone Peridot really complement each other and make for a unique look that stands out.

A popular trend happening right now is layering birthstone gemstones in their everyday jewelry. Simple rings that we have would be perfect to stack and mix gemstone colors with while representing your own birth month.

Some people believe that this bright green gem can actually attract love in your life by relieving jealousy, anger, and resentment. The stone is also believed to enhance confidence.  Peridot is such an awesome gemstone and can easily be incorporated in to any style or collection. Check out ORAVO.COM to find your Peridot piece today!

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