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Fall Favorites: Amber Animal Collection

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We all know that animals are cute and we just can't resist the urge to adore them. From owls, elephants, to giraffes and others, our animal themed collection is a our current favorite trend in jewelry. Check out the hottest trends of animal-themed jewelry that is transitional from fall to winter.

It's the perfect addition to your jewelry box. The unique swan design gives it a distinctive aura and feel, while the sterling silver chain has an amazing feel. All women alike will fall in love with this fashion accessory at first sight.

As with owl jewelry, there are a handful of beliefs surrounding this behemoth that makes it a perfect good luck charm. In western culture, an elephant with an upward trunk has a meaning of good fortune. It also symbolizes a lot of virtues such as determination, loyalty, patience, responsibility, level-headedness, as well as strength, honor, and stability.

The owl is such a popular jewelry option because it holds so many layers of symbolism. The most popular characteristics associated with owls are wisdom and knowledge, mystery, protection, and secrets.

Who said that you cannot take those underwater world creatures with you? Our list for the hottest animal-themed jewelry will be doused by lovely sea animals such as dolphins, turtles, crab, seahorse, and octopus. There are many beliefs surrounding this creature that makes them a perfect lucky charm for anyone.

 Turtles roamed the oceans since before the dinosaurs. They represent longevity on many levels, as they have been known to live up to 150 years. Hawaiian legends exalt the green sea turtle as the mythical mother and protector of all children. Celebrate a long, joyous life with our turtle pendant.

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