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Ways to Give Back This Thanksgiving 2018

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With Thanksgiving in a couple days, we wanted to inspire our readers with a few small gestures on how to give back this season. Tag us @oravojewelry to show us how you gave back.

Lend a Hand to Little Ones

Children’s hospitals have many volunteer opportunities that range from rocking newborns in need of a cozy cuddle to adding to the hospital’s arsenal of inexpensive art supplies and games.

Invite Someone Over

Know of a lonely relative? A neighbor far from home? A student unable to go home for the holidays? Consider offering up a seat at your dinner table this Thanksgiving. 

Organize a Food Drive

Enlist your neighbors in your effort to give back and offer to handle logistics. Pass out fliers listing suggested donation items, your on-porch pickup time and the local food bank or shelter where you will deliver the donations on your block’s behalf.

Thank Your Mother (Earth)

Adopt or step up an eco-friendly habit for a week, month or the entire holiday season. Toting your own reusables, such as travel mugs and cloth shopping bags, goes a long way.

Employ Your Skills to Help the Jobless

Giving back is easier when you apply your own skills and talents. Share your computer software skills or resume-building knowledge with job-seekers at your local library or community center. Or search for ways to extend opportunities to those in need. Did you know, as part of his movie contracts, Robin Williams required each studio to hire five homeless people?

Entertain the Elderly

Visit a nursing home to spend some hang-time with residents who would love a companion for reading, letter writing, taking a stroll, using a computer, storytelling, warm-hug giving and more.

Plan a Day of Giving

Break $5, $10 or $20 into dollar bills and give them away throughout the day to those who could use a buck. Perhaps even lend an ear and listen to their story. You just might change the course of someone’s day with your generosity.

Find a New Cause

Websites like provide resources for people who want to help, but might not know exactly where to start. Search by city, causes you care about — even browse by subject, such as disaster relief, literacy or hunger. Don't see anything you like? Sign up for email updates about new causes that might make a better fit. 

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