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NEW COLLECTION: 14K White Golf Lab Grown Diamonds

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Why Lab Grown vs. Natural

There are several reasons to choose lab-grown diamonds over mined diamonds. A popular factor for many couples the is price. You can often find the same quality in a lab-grown diamond as a mined diamond , but the lab-grown is more budget-friendly than its mined diamond counterpart. For many clients, this means they can shop for a higher quality diamond and stay within their budget.

The environment is on everyone’s mind today. More couples are searching for eco-friendly options, which is why many lean toward lab-grown diamonds instead of mined diamonds. Because lab-grown diamonds are grown in a lab, they’re environmentally friendly and conflict-free.

14K White Gold Created Sapphire and Lab Grown Diamond

Pendant 5.36 carats total Heart Shape


14K White Gold Created Sapphire and Lab Grown 

Diamond Ring 5.68 carats total Oval Shape


14K Gold Created Alexandrite and Lab Grown Diamond Two-Tone

Ring 3.19 carats total Cushion Cut


14K White Gold Created Colombian Emerald and Lab Grown 

Diamond Pendant 4.77 carats total Trillion Cut


14K White Gold Created Colombian Emerald and Lab Grown 

Diamond Ring 2.61 carats total Round Shape


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